Program Roadmap

Psychometric Evaluation:

To give you the best chance of success, we need to understand the reality of where you are starting from. You will undergo an in-depth psychometric assessment and have a feedback session prior to the first group session.

This will begin to give you a detailed look into who you are and how you operate, hugely valuable data to start your journey.

PQ Cohort: Working with you, we create unique cohorts (6 -12 people) that meet every 6 weeks to develop the building blocks of performance intelligence:


One of the keys to becoming a successful leader is raising your levels of self awareness. We take a deep look into what makes you unique from both the positive and negative. We then give you’re the tools to be the effective leader you want to be more of the time.


We then look at how you best work, interact and engage with other people. Understanding what are the real facets at play then allows you to create a better platform on which to operate.


This is the missing link that enables you to succeed, whatever the world decides to throw at you. We live in a constant changing environment and helping you navigate the realities of this, sets you up to deliver high performance.


  • Greater levels of Performance Intelligence allowing you to deliver sustained levels of high performance
  • Heightened levels of self awareness
  • Increased levels of Situation Awareness (the missing link)
  • Deeper levels of ‘grounded confidence’ to establish the psychological safety for you and others to make better decisions

1:1 Coaching:

In between each of the cohort sessions, you will have a 1:1 Coaching Session that allows you to go a little deeper into exploring the topics from the cohort sessions, as well as any current business issues. This time for exploration, reflection and challenge, that is away from the coal face of your day-to-day, can unearth the solutions that have seemingly been out of reach.

Your life as an effective leader does not stop there.

In order for all your learning to come to life, as well as continue to provide you a supportive environment in which to explore the issues of the day, we are able to curate and facilitate High Performance-pods for you.

Here you will work with your PQ coach on your issues of the day alongside other fellow Senior Leaders.