About Performance Intelligence

Performance Intelligence was born out of studying those people who were able to navigate through the events of 9/11, the financial crises of 2008 and the global pandemic in 2020. Companies have typically focused a great deal of their efforts into developing levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in their staff. A useful strategy and one that has helped in looking after some of the mental health aspects for their workforce. Unfortunately, this has not gone far and has left individuals, teams and organisations short of what has been needed during such events.

We spent time analysing those who survived and thrived as well as those that had not.

From all of this work we have created The Performance Intelligence Program.

Meet the team who work tirelessly to help you on your way to High Performance:

Jez Cartwright   Founder

After years spent working with individuals, teams and organisations in all sectors across the world, he saw that people were not being helped to focus on the thing that is often overlooked: performance! The leadership world has come up with many ways to assist but often seemed to miss the mark.

True High Performance takes a great deal of skill and will and that is why Jez went about creating a program to help people focus on the simple concepts to enable this to be accessible to all. Welcome to the world of Performance Intelligence.

Louise Finlayson   Facilitator, Coach and our in-house Psychologist

Having worked with a range of leaders in many different disciplines all across the world, her insights as a psychologist allows her to help individuals unlock who they really are. She has developed her unique style in being able to help them work on what is then necessary to deliver High Performance.