Performance Intelligence

Performance Intelligence (PQ)

The ability of individuals to be aware of the impact of their own behaviours, thoughts and emotions, as well as those of others, whilst being able to discern the reality of any given situation and then having the skills to make the effective choices whilst communicating and leading themselves, and others, in what is then required to deliver high performance.

In 2008 the World Financial Crisis saw markets crash and markets crumble. There were some exceptions to this. What we saw is that certain people not only survived but thrived.

So what did these people have?

Up until then, and in some instances continue to do so, companies had made the main focus around training to be about developing peoples levels of Emotional Intelligence. Although very useful, some people with high levels of EQ were just left wanting when the tide shifted. Whilst those who were successful in this time did not necessarily have high levels of EQ – welcome to the World of Performance Intelligence (PQ).

We spent time analysing what these people had that others did not and created a program to help you deliver what you need to when it is needed most.

" The most valuable lesson I learned is that I should strive to raise self-awareness and awareness of reality in myself and in others in every conversation. At work, at home, and even amongst friends, the effect is profound."